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Are Your Ready For Some (Fantasy) Football?

Posted by on Thu, August 26th, 2010 at 11:00 am

If you’ve never played Fantasy Football before, it’s all at once exhilarating ad nerve-racking. It’s like being the owner and coach of your own NFL Dream Team, but without having to layout millions of dollars in salary. There are tons of free leagues you can join to try out “FF”, but only one will give you 21 Swag Bucks for joining a league and creating a team.Sports Illustrated and PaymentWall have joined forces to bring you this special offer:

– Add the Sports Illustrated Fantasy Football app on Facebook by clicking the “Earn Swag Bucks” Button. That’ll take you to this screen:
Click allow, which will get you to the fun part – finding a league to join and creating your team:
Pick a public league to join, which will take you to this team creation screen:
Once your team has been created, you’re all set! Just so you know, this offer will take 24 hours to credit. Also, if you’ve completed this offer before or are already in an SI FF league, this offer won’t work for you.
If you’re doing Fantasy Football this year, who do you think will be the top pick in your league?

TSG’s Fantasy Football Squad

Posted by on Thu, September 10th, 2009 at 10:13 am

Yesterday, Team Swagbucks and I had our Swagbucks Fantasy Football draft. Many of you love talking sports with TSG so I thought it’d be fun for you guys to follow along with my fantasy team, especially if you’re already into that sort of thing. If you play Fantasy Football, this could be another, even shared […]