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And The Big Announcement Is…

Posted by on Mon, April 19th, 2010 at 11:30 am

Swagbucks has partnered with to create, an exclusive place to Search&Win exclusive Star Trek & Roddenberry memorabilia! It’s the newest addition to, a killer site for Star Trek and Sci-Fi fans!

For any Swaggernauts out there who don’t know, Gene Roddenberry was the creator of Star Trek, the sci-fi franchise that has inspired everything from the civil rights movement to space exploration to politics. TSG couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with to bring you the opportunity to snag some rare Star Trek swag!
There are a few things you’ll notice right away:
1) RoddenberrySearch doesn’t use Swagbucks as its currency; instead you earn “Tokens”. Your Swag Bucks don’t work in the Roddenberry Swag Store, and your Tokens don’t work on any other Swagbucks Site. In that way it’s actually similar to other partner sites.
2) The prizes in the store are true collector’s items from the many films and television series in the Star Trek legacy as well as a PHENOMENAL Swagstakes item that I’ll be discussing in a blog post later today. That’s how huge it is.
In the meantime, let’s official declare today to be Roddenberry Day. I’ll be giving away all kinds of Tokens to you “Trekkers”. Here’s one way you can earn some:
1) Send out a tweet about the new site – You should include:
– Your favorite Star Trek charcter
– The hashtag #startrek
– The following link to

I’ll select 3 random tweets and award them with 8 Tokens each!

2) Head over to and look for a pin from the Star Trek movie that took the original cast to San Francisco. You’ll find a Swag Code there worth 10 Roddenberry Tokens! Hurry – the code will only last until 1:30pm PDT! (NOTE: To redeem your code go to the My Account section of RoddenberrySearch)

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