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Posted by on Thu, February 16th, 2012 at 7:00 am

Here at Swagbucks, we see winners every day.  Whether it’s a win through Searching, bucks from redeeming a Swag Code, or winning the TTPTP, we are constantly rewarding our Swaggernauts.  We love hearing how Swagbucks has helped you, made your life easier, and/or had you smiling from ear to ear.  One of our Swaggernauts, vinnv226, was one of the lucky winners of the NEW iPod Touch Swagstakes.  He wrote in to give us some great feedback on his experience winning a Swagstakes, and I wanted to share it with you so that you can prepare for the feelings that will overcome you when you, too, win a Swagstakes.

“Normally I don’t spend a lot of Swag Bucks on Swagstakes, I usually prefer Amazon gift cards.  In fact, I was considering buying an iPod Touch for myself from Amazon, but I decided to enter some Swagbucks into the iPod Touch Swagstakes instead, because although unlikely, there was always the possibility of a win.  I bought approximately twenty entries about a week before the Swagstakes ended.  Then, about 30 minutes before the Swagstakes ended, I viewed my Swagstakes page and noticed that the end was so close.  I also noticed that it was offering Double Entries, so I bought about 20 more entries and left my house before the Swagstakes ended.  Together, I had 48 entries costing 505 SB, or just a bit more than I would’ve spent on a $5 Amazon gift card.  But of course, what I actually got was much better than $5.  When I got back home and checked my email, I couldn’t believe that I actually won.

Winning a Swagstakes is one of those things that you’d never expect to happen to you, but it has to happen to someone, and this time it was me.  Naturally, I was ecstatic about winning.  Shipping was rather fast, as I won the Swagstakes on Tuesday and the iPod was at my doorstep by Friday.  I’ve spent the last week using it to listen to music, download tons of apps, and video chat with some friends.  And of course, a free iPod Touch is a great way to convince some friends and family to join Swagbucks and win along with you!

I’d like to thank Swagbucks for not only this win, but the hundreds of gift cards and other prizes that I’ve redeemed from Swagbucks since signing up in 2008.  Swagbucks is truly a magnificent website and I would like to once again thank everyone involved.”

Well, we’re just as happy for you, vinnv226, and we thank you for your wonderful feedback.

Have you won a Swagstakes?  Did you win a TTPTP?  We’d love to hear from you, too!  Send your testimonial to, and we’ll feature some of your stories in the blog.  You never know, I might even hook you up with a special little reward for sharing your experience.

As I’m sure many of you know, our birthday is just a few days away.  Will this be the first birthday celebration you spend with us?  Have you been around for any of our previous birthdays?  If so, we’d love to hear about the fun and excitement you experienced on our special day.  Send your Swagbucks birthday memories also to (use subject line “Swagbucks Birthday Memories”)- we’d love to share them with your fellow Swaggernauts so that they know the good times they are in for on February 27th.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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