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Posted by on Thu, February 17th, 2011 at 11:00 am
Hey all you Swagrents! (I think I just made that up – it’s my new term for parental Swaggernauts!)
Looking to make good use out of your Swag Bucks? How about gettin’ some swag for the kids? We have quite a collection of goodies in the For the Kids section of the Swag Store. From a Justin Bieber “Skateboard” Poster to Kidz Gear Wired Headphones, cash in your Swag Bucks in exchange for an ear-to-ear smile.
Got some Looney Toons fan running around? Perfect! We just got in some new Looney Toons swag – Bugs Bunny pens, Tasmanian Devil pencils, Looney Toons Comic Ball Card, and more!
We’re stocked and ready for Blue’s Clues fans, Hannah Montana fans, Arthur fans, and so much more!

Hop into the For the Kids section of the Swag Store, and make their day with gifts that they are sure to love!
P.S. – One of the items in the For the Kids section contains a code worth 7SB until 12:00pm PST. Can you find it? Here’s a hint – you hang it on your wall! Good luck!

Swag for the kids

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Hey Swaggernauts! For those of you who have a special child or special children in your life, use your Swag Bucks to make them smile. In the “For the Kids” section of the Swag Store, you can check out all of the items we have available for the little ones. Our friends over at Frecklebox […]

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When I was just a little Swag Lad, I received a very special book as a gift. It was the story of a boy who went to the circus and wound up being part of the show! The best part? The boy in the story was me! When you’re a kid, personalized gifts are the […]

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What kid doesn’t love stickers? They can be used to decorate, the mark ownership – you can even use them to make some pointillist art. One of the Team Swag Bucks Members, who works off of their laptop has covered the outside with stickers, so I guess adults love them too. What’s this got to […]

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Music is a gateway to enriching your children’s neural connections and pathways; plus, we all love it, so it’s important to get them involved early on. When children are permitted/comfortable being actively involved in music they tend to do better in reading and math once they start school, are able to focus easily, are more […]

Ah, To Be Young

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There’s nothing like being a kid – who here doesn’t remember what it felt like the first time you opened the package for a toy or a new sheet of stickers. Thanks to our For The Kids section of the Swag Store, you can give that experience to your kids. We’ve got a big selection […]

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Have you ever wondered what it looks like at the Swagbucks offices here at Swag Central? Here’s a special peek just for you – this is actual artwork by two of the members of Team Swagbucks: Why are they drawing pictures of Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, you might ask? It’s because of the Spider-Man stickers […]

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New Kid’s Swag!

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Hey Swagsters, happy Tuesday! I just wanted to let you all know that Swag Bucks has added some great treats to the For The Kids section of the Swag Store! Check these out: For The Girls Dora stickers are only 179 Swag Bucks! These are perfect for a reward chart. Princess Crayons are available for […]