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Celebrating Puzzle Day for 100 Swag Bucks or More

Posted by on Wed, January 29th, 2014 at 6:00 am

Happy Puzzle Day, Swag Nation!

Great seeing you all for the Weekend Game Challenge. I feel like we not only learned a lot about each other’s food preferences, but also a lot about what could be eaten out of bowls. Pizza? I was inspired after reading all your comments and tried to eat a subway sandwich out of a bowl in the Swag Central breakroom. It took me about 30 seconds to decide it wasn’t working and I opted for a paper towel. I’m sorry. I feel like I let you all down.

Hopefully, you’ll agree that today’s choice of challenge is anything but a letdown. It’s Puzzle Day and what a perfect holiday to celebrate in the Wednesday Game Challenge.

For today’s challenge, you can enter with any score on any Swagbucks Puzzle or Word game. That means you can choose between any of these games:

Remember, you can enter with any score so if you see a game on the list you haven’t tried, today could be a great day for it!

So what’s today’s challenge? Get any score on any game(s) listed above, take a screenshot, and post a link in the comments for this blog post ALONG WITH THE NAME OF THE GAME YOU PLAYED AND YOUR SCORE. For each of these correctly filled out posts you make, you will have one entry in a raffle to win 100 Swag Bucks. You may enter as many times as you like with new screenshots showing different scores. You may wish to protect your efforts by adding your Swag Name to it in a paint program. If you need an image hosting service, I recommend because it’s quick and easy. Three winners will be selected at random from all of today’s entries and announced in this blog post and on Twitter on Thursday.

You can also participate via Twitter by tweeting your screenshot @Swagbucks, along with your Swag Name and the hashtag #sbgames. You may place each entry both on Twitter and in the comments, but if you win from an entry placed on Twitter, you will win an additional 100 Swag Bucks.


If your entry shows your score in one of today’s tournaments for any of the games above, is in reply to someone else’s and shows a score higher than theirs or if you include a riddle with your entry (PLEASE DO NOT POST THE ANSWER YOURSELF until after the challenge is over or someone has guess correctly) and you are one of today’s lucky winners, you will receive an additional 25 Swag Bucks.

There are One Swag Buck tournaments on all of the games listed above so if you like those games and have been waiting for a low risk opportunity to try out tournaments, today is your day. If you see a riddle in the comments and you think you have the answer, leave a reply!

Good luck and have fun!

Update: This week’s winners are Squishmar, FaireMom, & js22  -Congratulations!  New Challenge Saturday!

Great riddles, everyone! I had a lot of fun reading through them and I hope you did too.  Many of them, I’d never heard before.  You guys are very clever.

Don’t forget: You can still earn yourself 100 swag Bucks by submitting a  game challenge of your own!

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