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Geo-Caching Update

Posted by on Wed, April 7th, 2010 at 7:00 am

Wow. TSG is floored. The feedback about Swagbucks maybe getting involved in Geo-Cachingwas absolutely astounding. 113 comments?! You guys love your Geo-Caching. Judging from the comments and the results of our poll, it seems that a lot of you are interested in Geo-Cachingfor Swag Bucks. Here’s how the poll results look:

Clearly, if we were to use Geo-Caching there would be a number of considerations, from including access for those Swaggernauts that can’t reach certain areas to making sure the placement of items allows for the maximum access for all Swaggernauts.
I can tell you this – we’re always looking for fun and new ways to get you Swaggernauts involved and earning more Swag Bucks, and I know you guys like hunting for them, so stay tuned – you just might be globe-trotting for Swag Bucks?
Well, neighborhood trotting at the very least.

Have Your Heard of Geo-Caching?

Posted by on Tue, March 30th, 2010 at 2:00 pm

TSG’s always looking for new and inventive ways to hook you Swaggernauts up with bonus Swag Bucks. While Team Swag Bucks is always full of great ideas, we always like to hear from YOU guys too! We recently received an email from a Swaggernaut named Dave (wish you had emailed us your Swag Bucks username […]