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Swagbucks Tips & Tricks: Updating Your Email Address

Posted by on Mon, September 22nd, 2014 at 6:00 am

Good morning!

As we informed you about last Wednesday, we’ve made changes to our Gift Card security. And one way you can be even more secure is to have an updated email address on file for your Swagbucks account.

If you’ve ever wanted to update the email address associated with your Swagbucks profile, but weren’t sure how to do it, fear not – we’ll walk you through the steps right now.

From any page on, hover over your first name in the upper right hand corner.   Click on the “My Settings” option.

After entering your password, you’ll see your email address under “Account Information.” If you would like to enter a different email address you can do that from this screen in 2 easy steps:

  1. Click edit in the upper right hand corner
  2. Make the change to your email address and click Save Changes

You’ll then need to verify this change by having a verification email sent (to your old email address) or by answering your Security Question.  Click on either option (pictured below) and then click Continue.

After verifying via email or answering your Security Question, you’re all done!

-Team Swagbucks

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