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Retail Therapy – Holiday Blitz Edition

Posted by on Thu, December 13th, 2012 at 6:00 am

Today’s Retail Therapy – Holiday Blitz Edition is brought to you by a new Team Swagbucks member but to make things easy on everyone, her name is Ashley, too (or is that Ashley 2?)…

The holidays are almost here, but if you’re like me, there are still a few people left on your list to shop for. It can be tough to figure out those last few gifts for a family member, your cousin’s little ones, or that friend with picky but impecable taste.  That’s why I’m happy to announce that for a limited time onSwagbucks Shop & Earn, stores like OpenSkyMagazines.comNordstromKmart and Best Buy are offering DOUBLE SWAG BUCKS for every dollar you spend. (Hurry, this offer expires at Noon PST on Friday, 12/14/12!)

Aqua Zinger Fruit Infusing Water Bottle
Know someone who is trying to get a head start on a healthy New Year’s Resolution? My best friend always tells me the easiest way to start healthy habits is to drink more water. If water alone isn’t cutting it, a fun way to give it a little more flavor is to put fresh fruit right in the bottle. Pick up a reusable bottle that infuses fruit into water at OpenSky and you’ll earn 1000 SB (40 SB per dollar spent).
Golf Digest Subscription
A magazine subscription might seem like a strange gift, but it’s one that can be enjoyed all year. It’s also an easy, thoughtful gift for someone who may be notoriously hard to shop for (hello to my dad, the golfing aficianado). You can pick up a current issue of the magazine at a newsstand and wrap it up with a handwritten note about their new subscription. To give a little bit of the holidays year round, send them a magazine subscription from and get back 16 SB per dollar spent.
Echo Fingerless Gloves
Oh the weather outside may be frightful, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give a gift that will keep someone warm and stylish. Fingerless gloves are a great stocking stuffer for the young and the hip. They’ll be happy to sport that fashionable ombré look (while still being able to text on a smartphone) and you’ll be happy that this Nordstrom buy rewarded you 10 SB per dollar spent.
Marvel The Avengers Iron Man Mask 
There’s nothing like being a kid at Christmas. Keep the excitement going with toy from a favorite movie, or something from their favorite superhero. In fact, I’m thinking this could be the perfect gift for fellow Team Swagbucks member, Hal. Available at Kmart.  You’ll get back 8 SB per dollar spent.
GoPro Camcorder / GoPro Helmet Mount
If staying on the forefront of technology means literally taking it to the edge, then make sure your favorite daredevil has a way to record those epic adventures and the gear to take it anywhere. (I hope Team Swagbucks member Foli doesn’t see this or it might spoil the surprise) Snag them at Best Buy and you’ll get back 4 SB per dollar spent without breaking a sweat.
Also, note that Swag Bucks earned from Shop & Earn purchases may take up to 32 days to post in your account.  If you have not received credit at the 32 day mark, please contact Customer Service.
What are some gifts you hope to get this year?
– Ashley

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