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Trusted Surveys Part 3

Posted by on Tue, July 19th, 2011 at 12:00 pm

The qualification process for Trusted Surveys is a topic commonly brought up by our users.  Therefore, I wanted to focus Part 3 of Trusted Surveys on answering the two most commonly asked questions regarding this process.

Why was I disqualified?
Being disqualified simply means that while you were filling out the qualification questions it was discovered that, based on your answers, you did not fit the criteria the survey was looking for.  There are many things that can disqualify a user, from martial status, to age, to education background, but be aware, once it’s discovered that you are not what the survey is looking for you will not be able to proceed to the survey and all questions will stop at that point.

Why did it take so long to find out I was disqualified?
Because some of our surveys are looking for very specific individuals, you may be asked a lot of qualification questions which can take some time to get through.  Qualification questions can range from what type of car you drive to when you last saw a movie in the theater.  The questions vary and the amount of qualification questions asked will also vary.  So whether it’s 1 minute or 30 minutes, you will not proceed to the survey questions unless you have passed all the qualification questions.

I hope this was helpful.  If there are any other questions you have regarding the surveys that you would like me to answer in a blog post, please leave it in the comments and I will pick one question a month to answer in an upcoming blog post.

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