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XBox 360 Halloween Bundle Swagstakes Winner!

Posted by on Sat, October 31st, 2009 at 3:15 pm

This is a blog post that will be a big cause of excitement and jubilation for 1 Swaggernaut and a huge bummer for the other gazillion Swaggernauts. But, someone has to be THE ONE to win, right? Included in this ridiculously great prize provided by VPGames is an XBox 360 Arcade, Console Skin: Gamma, Silent Hill: Homecoming, Left 4 Dead, Fear 2, Ghostbusters & Hellboy: Science of Evil.

The winner of all these things and the jealous, envy and bitterness of Swaggers everywhere; Tony M. of Chicago, IL! Congratulations, Tony! I know everyone is very happy for you.

Enjoy your prize!

If you’re bummed/upset/irked/sad/downtrodden/forlorn/inconsolable/etc., know that we had almost 15,000 entries for this Swagstakes. So at least you can know that you’re not alone.

Plus, you get candy today. So enjoy your Halloween!



New Swagstakes! XBox 360 Arcade w/5 Games!

Posted by on Fri, October 2nd, 2009 at 1:47 pm
Holy Mother of Awesome is VPGames hooking you guys up! Our new Swagstakes is an XBox 360 Arcade with a Gamma skin and 5, count ‘em, FIVE games. Five great games if you hate ghosts, zombies or other versions of the undead because most of these games involve terminating such afterlife! In all seriousness, we’re ... Read More »