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Two Days of a Really Small Challenge, Infinite Shots at Really Big Prizes

Posted by on Sat, November 30th, 2013 at 8:00 am

Happy Weekend, Swag Nation!

And Happy Hanukkah too! Welcome back to another fun challenge and another chance to win big, playing games for free. I hope you all enjoyed Wednesday’s challenge. Wednesday’s game got me thinking… Playing Falling Leaves in real life would be fun, but a very slow way to do yard work. This weekend’s challenge should be extra easy to rack up entries for because you can enter with any score, but before we get to that, an exciting announcement!

From the people who brought you The Big Funds for Black Friday Tournament and (a) The Lord of the Rings (reference)…


Starting right now and ending midday on New Year’s Eve, The Really Big Regate Tournament offers quite a prize. First place will not only receive 3000 Swag Bucks, but 100 entries into the PlayStation 4 AND Xbox One Swagstakes. That’s right… That’s 100 chances to win both a Playstation 4 and an Xbox One. Second place will receive 2000 Swag Bucks and 50 entries. Third walks away with a not too shabby 1000 Swag Bucks and 50 entries. The players with the top ten scores will receive a minimum of 10 entries into the Swagstakes.

Now… Guess what this weekend’s challenge is! Get any score in Regate 21 and post a link to a screenshot of your challenge-meeting score in the comments for this blog post. Alternatively, you can take a screenshot of a tournament entry from this weekend with any score on any game. For each of these correctly filled out posts, you will have one entry in a raffle to win 200 Swag Bucks. You may enter as many times as you like with new screenshots of different challenge-meeting scores. One winner will be selected at random from each day of entries and announced in this blog post and on Twitter on Monday. That means, if you enter on Saturday, you can come back Sunday to enter again and be part of a new raffle. If you need an image hosting service, I recommend The link you want is the URL.

You can also participate via Twitter by tweeting your screenshot @Swagbucks along with your Swag Name and the hashtag #sbgames. You may place each entry both on Twitter and in the comments, but if you win from an entry placed on Twitter, you will win an additional 100 Swag Bucks.

If your entry shows your score in The Really Big Regate Tournament and you are one of this weekend’s lucky winners, you will win an additional 50 Swag Bucks. If along with your entry, you include a comment on anything on your mind and you are one of our lucky winners, you will receive an additional 5 Swag Bucks.

Good luck. Have fun. Have a Really Big weekend!

Update: This weekend’s winners are patti4free and veggiemarjie! Congratulations!

Don’t forget: You can still earn yourself 100 swag Bucks by submitting a  game challenge of your own!

Regatta 21 for 100 Swag Bucks

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Happy Wednesday, Swag Nation! Welcome back, gamers. I hope you all enjoyed the weekend’s choice of word games.  Anyone find a new game they like or try word games they normally wouldn’t?  I often get surprised how caught up I can get in playing Synonymous. Feels good to get a good score. After a weekend […]

Three Days of Regate 21, Three Shots at 200 Swag Bucks or More

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Happy Weekend, Swagbucks University! How glorious are weekends? Even more glorious when they’re longer! As many of you know, Monday will be a holiday here so as a result, the Weekend Game Challenge is being extended! That means you have 3 days to enter and 3 chances to win!  If you aren’t busy Monday, be […]

Krush The Kompetition

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Everybody types nowadays. Some people around Swag Central type so quickly it makes ol’ TSG’s head spin. The real question is: “Can you type quickly and accurately when the pressure’s on? That’s the scenario in KeyKrusher – the keys from your keyboard are invading, and the only way to stop them is to press them! […]

Can You Hover?

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Most video games are all about quick reflexes. In Hover, it’s all about staying still. Kinda. You have a black dot on the screen. Your objective? Keep the mouse on it as long as possible. Think of it as bull-riding for the digital age, because the circle’s going to buck, dive and do everything it […]

Games: Are You A Triple Threat?

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Swagbucks Games tests a lot of your skills: memory, reflexes and hand eye coordination among them. The puzzle-based games, in TSG’s opinion, are the games that test all of these skills at once. With bigger challenges should come bigger chances for rewards, and that’s why three of our puzzle games now feature 3 progressive tournaments […]

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Ever since the launch of Swagbucks Games, The Swag Nation has been calling out for card games. Well, we listened and now we’re happy to be able to offer you Regate 21. Regate 21 takes the game of Blackjack and puts it into overdrive – Try your best with 4 hands of blackjack on the […]

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As Swagbucks Games continues to grow, from time to time we’ll replace games with newer and better versions.Case in point: Say goodbye to Hungry Snake and Rock N’ Ball, and hello to Hungry Snake 2 and Swaggle! Both can be found either in Top Games or Arcade for Snake and Puzzle Games for Swaggle. Hungry […]

Point of Isolation 2 Goes Big Time

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By now, if you’ve been playing Swagbucks Games, you probably have your favorite – whether it’s Crazy Taxi or Hungry Snake, there’s a game for everyone. One of TSG’s personal favorites is Point of Isolation 2 (found under Miscellaneous). The object of the game is simple – use your mouse to slash the veins connecting […]

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This week in Swag Games, things are gettin spicy and we’re takin it up another notch! You may remember the post a couple weeks ago when we introduced a new High Stakes tournament option for our most popular games. When they were first introduced, a buy-in of 15SB got you a shot at a minimum […]

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