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Swagbucks Poetry

Posted by on Tue, September 22nd, 2009 at 11:34 am

Our users come up with lots of creative ways to refer friends and make Swagbucks. But, some just want to show us love in whatever form they come up with. That’s what Swagbucks user, Schaefer did here with a poem written about Swagbucks.

Snap your fingers to this ode to Swag:

As we search
We all wish for luck
We’re all looking for something
And they are Swag Bucks

You can get them and save them
And get tons of cool stuff
Sometimes getting them
Can be a little tough

If your in a hurry
And waiting, you can’t stand
Click on the Promote tab
And refer some of your friends

But what do we do
When a Swag Buck catches our eyes
We must take a pic or video
And thank The Swag Guy

From Swag codes to Swagstakes
We love it all
Keep up the good work
And hear the Swaggernaut’s call

By a fellow swaggernaut : Schaefer

Thanks, Schaefer! We love stuff like this and while we can’t share every piece of Swag love we receive, we try to do it whenever possible.

How could we not share this beaut? If you have creative ways of showing and spreading your Swag Love, let us know about it!

E’er, Ne’er, O’er and out!