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A Hip, A Hop, A Hippity Hoppity Don’t Stop

Posted by on Tue, April 19th, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Hippity Hoppity Easter’s on its way” takes on new meaning with the new Facebook virtual gift available from our friends at The Gift App.

Share this head-spinning hand-standing break-dancing bunny with your friends on facebook for free.  Not only is it entertaining but you can personalize the message with your referral link and spread the Swagbucks gospel.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Click on the link to The Gift App and allow interaction with your facebook profile.
  2. Choose Send this Gift under the special SB Easter Bunny gift conveniently located on the front page.
  3. In the Message area include your referral link and your own testimonial why you love Swagbucks. For example, “Sign up for Swagbucks with this link and earn great prizes like I did”

Simple as that!  Another free way to tell your friends about Swagbucks!

The Gift App is a fun and interactive way to send animated gifts to your friend’s walls on facebook.  Have a Trekkie friend?  Surprise them with the USS Enterprise.  Rock fan?  How about a KISS (the Gene Simmons variety)? Or simply brighten someone’s day with a rose or even a karaoke singer.  Choose a free gift or select a premium gift paid for using facebook credits.  More designs added daily.

Have any suggestions for cool gifts you want to send your friends, leave us a comment below and let us know!

P.S. – Apologies to Sugarhill Gang for the title.

All About Referrals

Posted by on Tue, March 8th, 2011 at 3:00 pm
Hello Swag Nation – this is Monica from Swagbucks Support here to address some issues that we see most commonly when it comes to referrals. First, and most importantly, make sure that your friend is signing up through your referral link – there’s no area to enter it during sign up – you must get ... Read More »

The Gift App Promo Is Still Going

Posted by on Thu, March 3rd, 2011 at 1:00 pm
Last week TSG wrote about the promotion we’re running with The Gift App for Facebook. I just wanted to remind you that you still have until tomorrow (Friday) at noon PST to sign up through the Swagbucks inbox message we sent you and earn 10 Swag Bucks just for sending the limited time Cupcake gift ... Read More »

Ain’t It Good To Know That You’ve Got A Friend?

Posted by on Mon, February 21st, 2011 at 1:00 pm
Everybody knows that when you get a referral on Swagbucks you earn matching bucks from them for search until the cap of 1000 Swag Bucks is reached. In fact, here’s a registration code to help you get more referrals: if a referral enters the code BirthdayFun while signing up they’ll get an extra 25 SB ... Read More »

Are you a Spoofus?

Posted by on Mon, December 6th, 2010 at 1:00 pm
Doesn’t everyone love the opportunity to point, laugh, and yell “gotcha?” Here at Swagbucks, we are handing you this opportunity on a silver platter! Have you checked out Spoof yet? It’s a great way to trick your friends into thinking they are an internet celebrity via customized URLs pertaining to the victim. You can find ... Read More »

Share and Share Alike

Posted by on Fri, October 29th, 2010 at 3:00 pm
Earlier this week TSG told you about the new Facebook “Share” feature in SBTV – we’ve also added that feature to our Daily Polls, meaning that you can share your favorite polls on your Facebook page – the best part of that is having your referral link tied directly to the share, meaning you can ... Read More »

TSGal Presents: Spoof!

Posted by on Mon, October 25th, 2010 at 5:00 pm
Around Halloween time, everyone says “Trick or Treat.” I just wanted to remind of a fun way to trick people, make them laugh and hook them up with the information they need about your favorite web resource: it’s the new Spoof feature here on Swagbucks. You can find Spoof under the “Promote” button on the ... Read More »

Turn Those Referrals Into Friends with Swagbucks Social!

Posted by on Tue, October 19th, 2010 at 5:00 pm
Since Get A Referral Day has ended, there are Swaggernauts out there with new referrals who might not be sure what to do with them. TSG has a humble suggestion for you – add them as friends using Swagbucks Social and you can use our new messaging system to ensure that you’re there to answer ... Read More »

The Hunt Is On

Posted by on Mon, October 18th, 2010 at 3:30 pm
OK guys, TSG is hoping that a lot of you have been able to bring in some new referrals today using the tools we’ve given you. Now it’s time to reward yourself (and teach your referrals about Swag Code hunts)! I’m hiding the clue for this one in the Widget, so you can teach your ... Read More »

SB Virtuals – Now on Sale!

Posted by on Mon, October 18th, 2010 at 1:00 pm
vSwag (or SB Virtuals, as they’re sometimes known) are a fun way to get referrals on Facebook – you ust chare on with a friend and they get a fun little animation that includes with your referral link – they’re even themed, so if your friend is a fan of KISS or the WWE Superstars, ... Read More »