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Introducing: Spoof!

Posted by on Mon, October 18th, 2010 at 11:00 am

We all love a good, friendly prank – the kind where everyone is laughing at the end of it. Here at Swagbucks we have a new way for you to have a little fun with your friends and possibly get some referrals out of it! You can find Spoof under the “Promote” button on the Swagbucks homepage. Here’s how it works:
Enter your friend’s First Name, Last Name and the city where they live. Then pick an interest of theirs from the drop down menu:

Once you’ve selected an interest, you’ll get some options for customizing the spoof – each spoof has a different number of choices for customization. For example, the Movies and TV spoof I selected below offers me up to four blank fields to fill out. Others may have just two fixed choices.
Once you’ve filled everything out, click the “Preview Spoof” button and you’ll see the page that you’ll send to your friend – a customized Swagbucks search results page all about them and their interest! Keep in mind that none of links work in preview mode – don’t worry – they’ll work just fine when you generate the actual custom url. Of course, your friend will realize after looking for a second that these results are utterly ridiculous – the best part is that each spoof generates different results:
Once you’ve previewed the page and decided that you’re satisfied, click “Generate Custom URL” and you’ll be taken to the page below:
As you can see, it gives you a link to send your unsuspected friend along with some suggested text from us. If you don’t care for what we wrote, write your own! You know best how to trick your friend. You send out the email yourself, not us, so you have total control. When they open the link and try to click on any of the search results, they get taken to the page below.
This page has two ways to turn a friend into a referral:
1. They can click the Swagbucks prize bundle at the bottom of the screen to sign up directly
2. They can create their own Spoof by clicking “Get Started!” but will be unable to send it until they register for an account.
No matter which way they go, they’ll be signing up under your referral link, and probably giggling to themselves when they do it. I’m not exaggerated when I say that actually reading these fake results literally made me laugh out loud, and I think they’ll do the same for you and your friends.
Check out the Spoofs and start sending them out! Use laughter to get those referrals!

Use Your Swidget And Make A Friend

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Get Ready To Get Referrals!

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I Love Widget

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Go Get Some Referrals!

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