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Swagbucks Games: Goldie’s Revenge

Posted by on Wed, May 23rd, 2012 at 11:00 am

Goldfish. How many times have you gone to a carnival or fair and won a goldfish for a prize? You take your fish home, and then sit them in a bowl. In Goldie’s Revenge for Swagbucks Games you are the fish, and the kid who won you is a bit of a jerk. Your solution? Hurl yourself at him an conk him on the head with your bowl. Will you fall out and be deprived of precious water? Yes, but give yourself a break – you’re a goldfish. Your brain is TINY!

As the levels increase, the journey from shelf to head gets more and more difficult – you need just the right amount of push to get the job done. Instead of challenging you to a specific score, I’m looking for people who have finished at least 5 levels of the game to send a screenshot of their accomplishment to Twitter with the hashtag #SBGames and their Swag Name – three of you will be hooked up with 100 Swag Bucks each! You can tell how many levels you’ve completed from the menu:

Have fun, my little goldfish. Have fun.


Screenshot Tutorial

Posted by on Thu, October 6th, 2011 at 7:00 am

Often times here at Swagbucks we run fun promotions and contests that require you to share a screenshot.  I’ve noticed, lately, that some of you were not quite sure how to take and post a screenshot, so I’m writing this in hopes of clearing the air. For PC Users: If you look at your keyboard, […]