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Week in Review – February 24, 2013

Posted by on Sun, February 24th, 2013 at 11:00 am

Happy Sunday, Swaggernauts.  I know many of you are expecting a beautiful poem for today’s Week in Review, but because there has been so much excitement going on at Swagbucks this week, I’m going to do things a bit differently.  Let’s review all of this past week’s excitement!

Monday: TSG provided us all with some great tips regarding the Ledger within your account info.  With all of the Swagbucks you’ll be earning on Monday, you’ll definitely want to keep checking back to see how many bucks you’ve earned in each earning category.  Also on Monday, we shared our parody of the Les Miserables trailer, just in time for the Oscars.  Our Team Swagbucks members worked very hard on this, as well as had a lot of fun in the process.  Click here to check it out.

Tuesday: We know that you’ve all been picking out your birthday cake recipes so that you’ll have the perfect one ready to go to help us celebrate tomorrow.  We found a video on SBTV that offers easy and convenient decorating tips so that your cakes look delicious, exciting, and ready to be eaten.  Click here to improve your decorating skills.

Wednesday: Wednesday was a very big day for us here at Swagbucks.  We released our brand new homepage navigation!  This was carefully designed to bring you a cleaner, easier to use, and more rewarding Swagbucks experience.  We hope you’ve gotten used to the new look and are loving it!  To learn more about our new homepage navigation, click here.

Thursday: We went into a little more detail on Thursday.  We know that you’ll all be taking surveys tomorrow in order to contribute Swag Bucks to the birthday puzzle, so we wanted to ensure that you were familiarized with the surveys experience. There are four ways for you to participate in Swagbucks surveys, and if you click here you’ll learn all about it!

Friday: We knew there would be plenty of questions regarding how our 5th birthday blowout would work, so we took it upon ourselves to write a post that incorporates “Everything You Need To Know About The Birthday But Were Afraid To Ask.”  I HIGHLY suggest you take a look at this post before attending our birthday tomorrow, just so you’re not in the dark at the start of the celebration.  I know the blog post looks intimidating because it’s long, but I assure you it’s truly not that complicated.  It’s just a bit hard to explain through text.  But, I know how smart you all are, so I am confident you’ll have no problem understanding.

Don’t forget that the Share The Love promotion is still in play, and will continue throughout the end of this month.  During this time, you will earn matching Swag Bucks on all of your referrals, up to 1,000 each, in all earning categories!

What was your Swagbucks highlight of the week?  Let me know in the comments below!

Now get ready to party!  See you all at Midnight (PST)!


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