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Trade-in Your Spins!

Posted by on Fri, August 21st, 2009 at 11:15 am

One of the most memorable games in my video game-riddled brain. You turn on the Sega Genesis, first thing that happened… “SEEEEGAAAAAA…”, beautiful…every time. Then, Sonic came up and three little chimes went off “bu-ding! bu-ding! bu-ding!”. Then it was time to play. I chose the sequel rather than the original because the addition of Tails gave annoying siblings the opportunity to be 2nd player and stop whining about me not letting them have a turn. Whatever, they didn’t have to tell Mom…

Anyway, this game while progressive at the time was a ‘left-to-right’, grab coins, defeat an evil boss, game. Sound like another classic video game? Maybe even THE classic video game? Anyway, in addition to collecting coins, I was a big fan of curling up into a ball and revving myself to shoot out like a speeding blue bowling ball. Also in the second version, those transporter tubes came into play. I’m still waiting for these things to become a reality. I don’t know what’s taking so long… Every time I walk up or down stairs I can’t stop thinking about how Sonic the Hedgehog 2 lied to me. You may call it laziness but I just think it’d be cool to deliver myself like a canister to wherever I wanted to go. Sonic got to do that, even Tails got to do that…why, oh why can’t I?

This game had spikes galore. Heavy on the spikes. If you relied on the curl, spin and shoot method to travel you were gonna lose your fair share of coins. That’s how the evil Dr. Robotnik planned it but once you met up with him, he wasn’t too hard to best.

Another in a vast collection of classics Swagbucks has AND that you can trade-in for Swag Bucks. With August being trade-in month, there’s no better time to trade in this game for Swag Bucks that you might put toward a new game or a different classic game. We’re giving 20% more Swag Bucks for your trade-in value during the entire month of August, so don’t miss out. Trade this or any other game in and be rewarded in Swag :)

Just don’t run into any spikes after you collect your Swag Bucks ;-)