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Earn Points For Your Team!

Posted by on Thu, June 13th, 2013 at 2:00 pm

How is everyone enjoying the 2nd Annual Dads vs. Grads Team Challenge, so far?  It’s a very close race and it’s anyone’s game!  Remember, from now until June 19th, you can earn points for your team by Searching, watching SBTV and SBTV Mobile (both iPhone and Android apps), taking Surveys, and completing Special Offers.  Today, I’m here with some great ways that you can earn points for your team.

Searching – every time you win Swag Bucks using Search you contribute 2 points to your team





Fun Phrases To Search:

-Best Summer Vacation Spots

-Fun Father’s Day Ideas

-Best Places To Watch The Sunset

-How To Survive My First Year In The Real World

-What Does My Name Mean?

-What Does My Phone Number Spell?

-Keys To Happiness

-How Many Seconds Are In A Year?

SBTV – 1 point for every Swag Buck win (watch 10 videos, win 3 Swag Bucks, get 1 point added to your team)





10 Fun Videos To Watch:

Gadget Ideas For Father’s Day: USB Cufflinks?

-Gorillas Go Donkey Kong Crazy at the Los Angeles Zoo

-The Tonight Show – Police Blotter

-Top 10 Favorite Software for Summer

-People Line Up For Cronut Craze

-Cute Baby Lion Cubs

-ET to GO: New Guess Girl Model Unveiled!

-Dubai’s Massive Pet Show

-‘Monsters University': Billy Crystal Interview

-8 Ways to Add Years to Your Life

Special Offers – every time you get Swag Bucks for completing a Special Offer you contribute 2 points to your team





Fun Special Offers To Complete:

-Earn up to 1100 Swag Bucks for playing your favorite TV Game Show on GSN, Wheel of Fortune.

-Earn 15 Easy Swag Bucks by signing up for Virtual Piggy and help your kids learn financial literacy while staying in full control.

-Earn 450 Swag Bucks for making a purchase at Always Quality, Always Under $10.

Surveys – every time you get Swag Bucks for completing a Survey you contribute 4 points to your team

Click here to visit your Survey Dashboard





How many points have you contributed to your team so far?

Good luck, teams!

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