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Swago is Expanding AGAIN!

Posted by on Wed, September 30th, 2009 at 12:02 pm

Last time I wrote about Swago, it was to inform you that Swago game pieces were now available with redemptions from the following Swag Store categories:

Comic Books
SideCho Records
Capitol Records Vault
For The Kids
Piano Wizard
Puma Gear
Swag Bucks Gear
Exclusive Music Prints

This was in addition to the Back to School section, which is still in the Swag Store and still good for Swago.

Well now, you have even more area to snag some Swago pieces. You’ll recall from yesterday’s post that Swago pieces are now available in the Halloween section of the Swag Store. In addition to that, Swago pieces can be scooped up by redeeming prizes from Posters and Sports & Outdoors!

So snago some Swago and you could end up winning a whole lot of Swaggage when it’s all said and done!