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A Special (Offers) Message from TSGal

Posted by on Thu, July 1st, 2010 at 3:00 pm

Hey Swagsters!

I am always excited when I find out that Swagbucks has found a new product to offer the Swag Nation. I also know TSG already broke the news about the Super Rewards in the Special Offers section but I wanted to let you know about few of the stellar offers us gals can get jazzed about.

1. Who is jealous of their neighbors AeroGarden? No need to wonder how foolproof the AeroGarden really is when you can get Swag Bucks back with every $40 spent at It’s time to start spicing up your food with your own herbs and to bring the ‘straight from the garden’ mentality into your everyday meals. Too good to be true? I thought so. Not if you’re a Swaggernaut! Just click “All” – this offer appears near the bottom of the 1st page.

2. is letting you pick your own personalized assortment of monthly mags at more then reasonable prices. You can get a set of your four favorite mags delivered to your doorstep for only $35 annually. That means when it comes time for your pedicures you can bring your own reading material and not have to reread the November 2009 issue of Elle that the salon is still holding on to. Just click “All” – this offer appears near the bottom of the 2nd page.

3. Tired of your Saturday night heels and ready for a new pair but don’t wanna pay the pricey retail rates? Or just need some new shoes to wear around the house? Guess what?! You can get 10% off your entire purchase, free shipping AND no sales tax from Now if that doesn’t have you hot to trot, I don’t know what will. This is even a great way to shop for your kids, with free shipping and 100% price guarantee you can’t go wrong. Just click “All” – this is the last offer on the 1st page.

Wow, Swagbucks really went all out for us with this one. Also, just because I have only listed three do-not-miss-deals doesn’t mean this is all the Super Rewards has to offer us ladies that will make our wallets a little heavier and our homes a bit brighter. Check it out and comment here if you find any other offers that the women in the Swag Nation should be stoked that Swagbucks is offering us now.

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The Fifth Dimension

Posted by on Wed, June 30th, 2010 at 5:00 pm

Many of you are already regular visitors to our Special Offers section, which has added a FIFTH wall filled with opportunities for you to complete special offers and earn some extra Swag Bucks. Super Rewards Wall, meet the Swaggernauts. Swaggernauts, meet Super Rewards Wall. It has different types of Rewards and lists what you have […]