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A Picture is Worth…

Posted by on Sat, March 20th, 2010 at 10:00 am

…A thousand words. Also, to you it’s worth 13 Swag Bucks. That’s right Swaggernauts, TSG wants to see all of your smiling faces, and I’m willing to pay Swag Bucks for it! It’s easy to get your mug up on Swag Bucks – this link right here ought to take you to the right place.
IMPORTANT! This is a limited time offer, Swaggernauts. You have to upload your pic by April 1st in order to earn the Swag Bucks, and they won’t be credited until then.
Also, while it’s great to be creative and come up with inventive profile images please upload appropriate photos that aren’t lewd or copyrighted images. We do reserve the right to deactivate members who choose to upload indecent photos.
Looking forward to putting faces to the names…