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The Swag Store Is Now The Rewards Store Plus Expanded Express Shipping

Posted by on Wed, January 9th, 2013 at 3:00 pm

As most of you know, Swagbucks’ mission is to make your time online more rewarding!  How?  By REWARDING you for taking actions online that you would take normally on a day-to-day basis, regardless of Swagbucks’ existence.  Since the birth of Swagbucks, we have distributed over $34 million in rewards.  We are constantly introducing new rewards for your redemption, be it gift cards, video games, coupons, jewelry, posters, etc.

To stay true to our mission statement and advertisements, we are officially changing the name of the Swag Store to the Rewards Store. Why?  Because Swagbucks = Rewards!  At this moment, we offer more than just “swag”.  We offer the opportunity to improve your life and the enjoyment that comes with it, no matter how big or how small.  We hope that Swagbucks has made your life easier, happier, and most importantly, more rewarding.

Another way we are making the Rewards Store more rewarding – expanded availability for Express Shipping!  Beginning tomorrow you will have the option to speed up the delivery of even more gift cards for just 50 extra Swag Bucks.  If you order by 2 o’clock Pacific Time and opt for express shipping, you will receive your gift card by the end of the next business day.  So not only can you select speedy delivery for Amazon Gift Cards but also Kmart, Target, Lowe’s and JCPenney, just to name a few.  While express shipping is not currently available on every gift card, we are working towards that goal.  For more information on expedited shipping, click here.

Enter the code below in the ‘Gimme’ Box on the Homepage for 4 Swag Bucks before 7pm PST.

What’s your favorite item in the Rewards Store?

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Swagbucks Holiday Hundreds Giveaway

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A Difficult Choice

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Today, we all face an extremely difficult decision.  That decision, of course, is which Gift Card to redeem from the Swag Store.  Now that we’ve lowered the prices on Gift Cards and lifted the limit of 5 of each prize per month, you can afford to get more rewards, faster.  Which one will YOU choose?

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How To Snag Your Prizes

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