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Stylin’ and Swag Profilin’

Posted by on Thu, April 29th, 2010 at 3:00 pm

There’s something we have around these parts that TSG calls “Swaggernaut Pride” – it’s basically the extent to which everyone out there in this Swag Nation of ours wears their Swagginess on their sleeve. You guys LOVE being Swaggernauts and it shows!

We’ve given you lots of opportunities to proudly display your Swagitude – Business Cards, a keychain, a Hat, and the latest addition to the Swaggernaut Pride collection – the new Swagbucks T-Shirt!It’s a nice black t-shirt with your favorite logo front and center and your favorite motto (“Be Rewarded”) on the back. I would say this is a must-have for the tried and true Swaggernaut, and it’s yours for 999 Swag Bucks!

The whole Swagbucks Gear Section of the Swag Store is pretty cool, come to think of it. So why not do a mini Swag Code hunt/puzzle? I’ve hidden a letter (in quotes) in each of the product pages in this section – put those letters together (case sensitive) along with the number of items in that section and you’ll snag 12 Swag Bucks!
For example, if there were 2 items and the word was legit, the code would be “legit2″
You have until 5:00pm PDT to put all the pieces together…