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Swagbucks to the Rescue…for Melissa

Posted by on Thu, December 30th, 2010 at 1:30 pm

Hey Guys!

It’s time to highlight another Swaggernaut’s Swagbucks to the Rescue! This one comes from mellysue418 from Bessemer City, NC.
“Hey Swag Gal!

I wanted to thank you for helping me get presents for my Mom and Husband.

I just joined the end of September and had enough amazon gift cards to get the King James Bible on DVD for my husband, free shipping, and 3 books for my mama she was wanting – only had to pay a little over 2 dollars for shipping with a free check I got in the mail, so it was still all free. Then after all that, I got myself a goody simple styles updo pin hairstyle thingy. :) So thank you, and now I am gonna start saving again and see what I can get for the new year!”
Well Melissa, great job swagging your heart out the past three months. I’m so glad that you were able to reap the benefits of Swagbucks early on in your Swaggernaut career. At the rate your going, you might be able to buy out the whole Swag Store come next Christmas!
Thanks for sharing your story, and keep swagging!
Don’t forget to send your Swagbucks to the Rescue stories to for your chance to be featured in the blog!

Swagbucks to the Rescue…for Rachel

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Swagbucks to the Rescue!

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