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The Widget is HERE!

Posted by on Fri, June 12th, 2009 at 12:14 pm

Let me say that this is well worth the wait.

The moment has finally arrived…(queue WWE entrance music) the Swag Bucks Widget is HERE!

I LOVE this thing and I think you guys will too. You can search from it, browse prizes from it, plug in codes from it, REFER FROM IT!

In fact, EVERYTHING on this widget functions as a referral link. You can basically perform any Swagbucks function you could ask for all from whatever page of yours you slap it onto. Whoever happens upon your widget and signs up through any action through the widget will be your referral! Whether it be any Social Networking page you have, a blog, your website or other pages, this bad boy will make your Swagbucks experience easier and richer.

Just in case all these buttons and coding are intimidating allow me to walk you through the steps to grab what I lovingly refer to as, The Swidget.

Once you arrive at this page, click the button that says Get Widget.

A box that looks like this will pop up.
You’ll notice 8 convenient buttons that connect to your favorite Social Networking and Blog sites, this will allow you to press one of those buttons and the code will be embedded automatically and will appear on your page once you log in to that site. (the only site you may not experience full functionality currently is MySpace. We are aware of it and are working on it.)

To manually embed is also very easy. Simply select the entire text of the Embed Code pictured above and paste it into whichever area you choose of your page or site to display the Swidget.

Tag your widget all over your Internet world and watch the Swag Bucks come in!


The Widget is Almost Here

Posted by on Wed, June 10th, 2009 at 3:30 pm
In a week of big news, this may be among the biggest. The Swagbucks widget is coming and it will be EPIC. For those that aren’t familiar with widgets, they’re essentially mini web sites that you can take with you on the web. The Swag Bucks widget is like having a mini Swag Bucks with ... Read More »
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