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And The Swagbucks Search Quest Winners Are…

Posted by on Tue, August 19th, 2014 at 10:00 am

Last week you searched and searched and searched using our newly upgraded Swagbucks Search!

We hope you learned some great new information as well as some fun facts during our 4 days of Twitter Trivia!

But now, for the reason you’re all here – the 50 winners of our Swagbucks Search Quest contest! Each person below will receive 500 Swag Bucks!

  1. agee from Howell, NJ
  2. CHMKPR from Whittier, CA
  3. ringo12147 from Somerdale, NJ
  4. KBISS59 from Virginia Beach, VA
  5. mangelo from ST. AUGUSTINE, FL
  6. jahrenholz1 from Fridley, MN
  7. kimbo9999 from Little Rock, AR
  8. bonnyrabbit from Escondido, CA
  9. DanishGirl70 from North Salt Lake, UT
  10. Denita from Hanford, CA
  11. hopslilbou from Louisville, KY
  12. smokin14 from JASPER, TN
  13. tehforoh from Grand Rapids, MN
  14. bfrogjules from Richmond, KY
  15. Quelle from Miami Gardens, FL
  16. jpannette from DuBois, PA
  17. Binx88 from North Grosvenordale, CT
  18. Britt2485 from Riverview, FL
  19. BonJaime from Bushkill, PA
  20. rae5523 from Klamath Falls, OR
  21. happyhousewife2 from Uhrichsville, OH
  22. HisKidLG from Charlotte NC
  23. tthing from Semmes, AL
  24. beeka12 from Youngsville, PA
  25. nlohlandt from Charleston, SC
  26. MinmM from Jersey City, NJ
  27. Emorygirl2011 from Fayetteville, NC
  28. oldlaw from Duncansville, PA
  29. fernandosmommy from New Bedford, MA
  30. stacey4027 from Santa Clara, CA
  31. holachi from Lynnwood, WA
  32. Zipang01 from Douglasville, GA
  33. kitytize from Dorr, MI
  34. fknoto13 from CHICAGO, IL
  35. RGrande from Rochester, NY
  36. BOONEY1225 from Saint Joseph, MO
  37. jake5791 from Ludlow, MA
  38. Mairee from San Antonio, TX
  39. nunyabusinessbb from Sebring, FL
  40. Pbandjss from Livermore, CA
  41. beckybelanger2 from NASHUA, NH
  42. an2150 from Woodside, NY
  43. Gerber523 from East Hartford, CT
  44. GoReba from Metamora, IL
  45. phillerup from Patton, PA
  46. HCanup from Kernersville, NC
  47. vocalise78 from Spartanburg, SC
  48. aaro9111 from Pensacola, FL
  49. krissy9955 from Pellston, MI
  50. JohnJ2434 from New York, NY

CONGRATS to all of our 50 winners and to everyone that participated! We hope you are enjoying our new Swagbucks Search and all its great features and results!

And remember, you have until the end of the day on Sunday, August 24th to search and collect all 4 of our Back to School Collector’s Bills!

-Team Swagbucks

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