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TSG Presents: Great World Series Moments!

Posted by on Tue, November 3rd, 2009 at 2:50 pm

Even though it’s a travel day for the Yankees and the Phillies, TSG will be presenting another classic World Series moment. Today’s World Series moment is from one of the best games ever played in the World Series between the Cincinnati Reds, or “The Big Red Machine” and the Yankees’ arch rival, the Boston Red Sox. This was Game 6 of the 1975 World Series.

Cincinnati led the series 3 games to 2 after winning Game 5. This means, if Boston lost, The Reds would win the World Series. Boston scored first when Fred Lynn hit a 3-run homer off Reds starter Gary Nolan. The Reds would come back to tie it at 3 in the 5th and then would add 2 more runs in the 7th.

The Reds led the Red Sox 5-3 until the 8th inning when Cincinnati put a run up in the top of the inning to extend their lead to three only to have Boston come back in the bottom of the inning and score 3 runs of their own from one swing of the bat from Bernie Carbo to tie the game at 6.

The game would stay this way until the 12th inning. A prolonged stalemate of good pitching and close calls. The Red Sox would load the bases in the bottom of the ninth only to be held at bay. In the 11th, Ken Griffey Sr. was on first base with Joe Morgan at bat for the Reds. Morgan hit a shot that looked sure to be a homerun. Boston right fielder, Dwight Evans made a remarkable catch robbing Morgan of the homerun and doubling Griffey off of 1st staving off another attack.

The Reds would come back in the top of the 12th but Red Sox reliever, Rick Wise pitched around the threat and kept the game tied. This set the stage.

Reds reliever, Pat Darcy was facing Red Sox Catcher, Carlton Fisk, the best offensive catcher in baseball history before a fella named Mike Piazza would come around. In the bottom of the 12th inning in Game 6 of the World Series, Fisk took Darcy’s second pitch down the left field line. In a now famous highlight, Fisk jumps up and down whilst simultaneously waving his arms to the right trying to will the ball fair. The ball would hit the foul pole (which means it’s fair) above the famous Green Monster and the Red Sox won the game in dramatic fashion. Fisk had to fight his way through adoring and elated fans to round the bases and get back to home plate and his team.

Players from both sides to this day all note that this was the game they enjoyed and felt honored to be a part of more than any other in their careers. Unfortunately for the Red Sox, the Reds would win the series in the 7th game by putting up the winning run in the top of the 9th.

But, Game 6 of the 1975 World Series still goes down as one of the most memorable games and moments in World Series history.


Hey, Where’d You Get That Hat??

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Wallpaper Challenge

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