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How Swagbucks Works For Me – marieco

Posted by on Mon, November 24th, 2014 at 3:30 pm

Happy Monday, once again! Today we are pleased to introduce you to marieco, from Indian Trail, NC!

I love Swagbucks because of what it helps me to do for my family. We moved to North Carolina about 7 years ago, and when we got here, it was hard for me to find a job, and I became a stay at home mom. The first years were hard but we made it. After about 2 years here I was introduced to Swagbucks. I played on it for a little bit, but I wasn’t really earning much, so slowly I stopped Swagbucking.

In June 2013, I started noticing one of the couponing sites I had on Facebook was posting when there was a Swag Code, and I figured, what the heck I’ll grab it. then I noticed it was easy to get some points here and there, and I kept collecting the codes, and each time i would look around a bit more, and earn some more. Within 2 weeks I had earned my first giftcard with little effort. I thought it was awesome, and then wanted to see what I could do if I really tried.

I was getting the goal each day (there was only one goal a day at that point) but I would constantly tell my husband how many swagbucks I was making each day. By October I had a couple hundred dollars in gift cards and was so excited I was able to help out with Christmas shopping.

We have 4 children, and each year it was not easy to give them the kind of Christmas we want to, so we were always getting them a lot of little cheap things so it looked like a big Christmas. And we almost always waited till the last minute, and would use money sent to us by grandparents to get them gifts. They were always happy with what they got and never acted disappointed, I think it was more my husband and me that were disappointed. Plus, him and I stopped exchanging gifts because it just wasn’t in the budget. Well, last year I was able to use swagbucks to buy almost all my kids items they had on their list, and we spent almost none of our money. Around November things start getting tight, and being able to use swagbucks to buy gifts is a lifesaver, and motivated me to swag more. I was able to buy all but 2 items on each of the kids list, and I was able to get a gift for my husband as well.

This year, I was able to buy some things that I have wanted throughout the year, things I would never spend money on for, a lot of ebooks…lol…but shoes, party dresses for my girls, tools my husband needed and a few other big things. But I’m well into my Christmas shopping and almost done. I love the feeling of being able to get my children gifts they want. We aren’t crazy, lol, and I won’t get them things I deem ridiculous. Example, one wants the iPhone 6…i don’t even have one, I will get him a phone, but it will be an older model one, and I know he will like it. But I’ve been able to get them games that have just been released and toys that are big right now, without worrying over how to afford this stuff.

I am forever grateful for Swagbucks, and sing the praise of this site every chance I get. Thank you so much for helping me make the holidays a little less stressful.

Thanks for sharing this story with us! We’re glad you’ve been a loyal Swaggernaut for so long! Keep it up!

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-Team Swagbucks

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