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Swagbucks Spring Tour ’14 Winners and Peeple’s Choice Collector’s Bills!

Posted by on Thu, April 10th, 2014 at 12:30 pm

You soared through the air!  You rode the waves of the ocean!  You put the pedal to the metal on the open road! And you hopped a bullet train right outta town!

What a fantastic journey it was, but as all good things do, our Swagbucks Spring Tour ’14 has come to an end! THANK YOU to everyone who participated, encouraged their teammates and helped out in any way possible. That’s the best part about these challenges.  Seeing everyone’s camaraderie, team spirit and togetherness. Great work!!

We’d like to congratulate all of the members from the Rail Riderswinners of our Swagbucks Spring Tour ’14 Team Challenge!  They jumped out to an early lead and never looked back!  The competition was fierce and close throughout, but they came out on top.

Remember, EVERY person that contributed at least 1 point to their team total will receive a Swag Buck Bonus!  These bonuses will be awarded by April 28th!

  • Rail Riders – 25 SBs
  • Yacht Clubbers – 20 SBs
  • Frequent Flyers – 15 SBs
  • Road Trippers – 10 SBs

And here are the Team Leaderboards!  The Top 5 contributors from each team will win the Individual Bonuses!  These bonuses will also be awarded by April 28th!

  • 1st Place – 500 SBs (CaptnKoOk, bullbearflat, kaerie and A2Woman)
  • 2nd Place – 400 SBs (imqc, HeroGates, barkely1 and gracie111)
  • 3rd Place – 300 SBs (Prabin83, cecmer, redfro2 and illunamoondrops)
  • 4th Place – 200 SBs (mdang01, suchislifeomg, Nandini971 and PeterZachari)
  • 5th Place – 100 SBs (dekd, kycha, babii1 and ChickenHawk589)

Finally, we’d like to officially announce our Peeple’s Choice Collector’s Bills!

Beginning Monday, April 14th (as soon as the calendar changes from the 13th to the 14th in California) you will have the chance to win these collectible bills through the use of Swagbucks Search. Random search wins will feature “Peeps” themed art which will automatically be stored in your account ledger under the Collector’s Bills tab.  There is nothing more required on your part than to use Swagbucks Search as you normally would.  We collect the bills you have gathered for you!

Peeple’s Choice Collector’s Bills can also be won while using the search function on our mobile apps!

Once you have collected all 4 bills you will immediately receive a 15 Swag Buck bonus!. You will have until the end of the day on April 22nd  to gather them all! Need more info about Collector’s Bills?  Click Here.

Thanks again for a great Team Challenge and good luck finding all 4 Collector’s Bills!

-Team Swagbucks

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