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Scare Up More Swag Bucks!

Posted by on Thu, October 17th, 2013 at 12:11 pm

Be afraid…be VERY afraid….of having too much fun! We’re getting Halloween started early with our Bats vs Cats Team Challenge! Beginning Noon PT on Monday, October 21st you have the opportunity to participate in this friendly competition. All you need to do to be a part of the fun is click on the “Join Bats vs Cats” button on the Swagbucks homepage or below:

You will be assigned to either Bats or Cats and you can start earning points for your team, doing the things you’re already accustomed to doing while on Swagbucks.

You may join a scare-squad at any point during Bats vs Cats but it pays to join early as only points earned after joining count towards the team total.  It’s just like trick-or-treating – you want to get out there early so you can get a Twix, Kit Kat or Snickers.  You don’t want to get stuck with a bag of unsalted pretzels, do you??

Throughout our Bats vs Cats Spookfest, earn points for your team by winning Swag Bucks through Searching, playing Games, watching SBTV and SBTV Mobile (both iPhone and Android apps), completing Special Offers and taking Surveys. Each activity equates to a different point value:

  • Search and Win – 2 points (every time you earn Swag Bucks using Search adds 2 points to your team total)
  • Play Games - 3 points (every time you earn Swag Bucks playing games adds 3 points to the team total)
  • Watch SBTV – 1 point (every time you earn Swag Bucks watching SBTV and SBTV Mobile adds 1 point to your team total) (both iPhone and Android apps!)
  • Discover Special Offers – 2 points (every time you earn Swag Bucks for completing a Special Offer adds 2 points to your team total)
  • Take Surveys - 4 points – (every time you earn Swag Bucks for completing a survey adds 4 points to your team total)

The team with the most points at the end of Bats vs Cats (Midnight PT Thurs. Oct 31) is declared the winner! All members on the winning team that have contributed at least 1 point during the competition will get a bonus of 25 Swag Bucks paid out no later than 11/11/13. But don’t worry if your team comes in second place, we have goodie bags for you in the form of a 10 Swag Bucks bonus!

Each team will also honor the member who contributes the most points to the each team’s total with an additional 500 Swag Bucks bonus!  BUT, we need your help to determine what we call each team’s top earner.  Reply below with your suggestions!

Trick or treat! Trick or treat! Give me something good to eat!

Stay tuned for your chance to join in on the fun, starting at Noon PT on Monday, October 21st!  Will you fly like a BAT?  Or will you sneak attack, like a CAT?

In addition to a treat filled week of Bats vs Cats, we’re also releasing a scary set of Halloween-themed Collector’s Bills!

This new set of 5 specially designed bills will be available for search wins beginning 00:00 Pacific Time 10/21 through 23:59 Pacific Time Thursday 10/31.  If you collect all 5 designs you will automatically be credited 13 bonus Swag Bucks!   Learn more about Collector’s Bills here.

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