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How Swagbucks Works For Me – ReliableSoul18

Posted by on Wed, November 26th, 2014 at 9:00 am

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Before that, we’d like to continue with our How Swagbucks Works For Me series – because we’re thankful for all of you! Please say hi to ReliableSoul18 from Titusville, PA!

I am a single parent of a very energetic 3 year old. I have been a stay at home parent for those 3 years so that I could raise my child myself and have the pleasure of seeing her many firsts. Recently I have decided to go on the hunt for a job with no luck so far.

I recently discovered Swagbucks through a friend and decided to give it a try as I would like to get nice things for my daughter for Christmas. I only have my smartphone to do mostly everything on and not very good internet so my earnings through Swagbucks are slightly limited but recently I have figured out more ways to earn and I’m impressed!

The time I spend on Swagbucks has, and continues to be, rewarding. I am looking forward to being able to shop for the gifts I know my daughter will love!

Thank you Swagbucks!

Welcome to Swagbucks and thanks for sending in your story!

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-Team Swagbucks

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