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Two-Part Surveys

Posted by on Thu, February 23rd, 2012 at 11:00 am

Surveys that have a second part have been the topic of discussion for a while now on Facebook and in our Customer Support Department.  We thought we would take this time to address some common questions we’ve been hearing.

What are Two-Part or Recontact Surveys?
These are surveys that will ask you to come back to your dashboard at later date in order to take the second part of a survey.  There can be many reasons for a two-part survey.  You may need to test out a product, visit a website, or have conversations with your friends or family members about a particular topic.  Whatever the reason, it will involve you coming back to the dashboard to take the second part.

Do I get credit for the first part?
This depends on the survey.  The first part in many times is strictly for qualification purposes and will not result in a credit.  Therefore, you will only receive the credit once you complete the second part of the survey.  There are times in which there is a payout associated with the first part of the survey, however, in most cases you will only receive that credit once the second part is finished.

Where do I find the second part of the survey?
The second part of the survey will show in your survey dashboard.

If I successfully complete part 1 do I automatically qualify for part 2?
If you qualify for and successfully complete the first part of the survey you will be qualified to complete part 2.  However, keep in mind that the second part can fill on certain quotas so you could be disqualified due to the survey being Over-Quota.  Make sure you check your dashboard when they tell you the second part will be available, otherwise you run the risk of getting the over-quota message.

I hope this helps clear up some questions you might have had.  Feel free to leave any further questions in the comments section below.



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