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13 Unusual Uses For A Hair Dryer

Posted by on Sat, December 29th, 2012 at 11:00 am

In this economy, I love being able to re-purpose items I already have lying around my house.  I just came across this great article on that offers 13 Unusual (yet extremely convenient) Uses for a Hair Dryer.  A hair dryer is now no longer only used for styling your hair.  Oh no, my friends.  There are various helpful benefits you can reap from this common household product.

Remove Stickers and Price Tags

Have you ever spent hours peeling off a sticker from a window or box?  You scratch it but can only get small bits of paper off…  The hot air from a hair dryer will loosen a price tag or sticker, making removal super easy.  You can also use this trick to remove contact paper from shelves.


Custom Fit Your Glasses

Custom fit your plastic frame glasses.  Simply heat up the ends and mold them to fit your head.  This works great on store bought glasses.  I wouldn’t recommend this for your $300 designer glasses frames.

Wax on WAX OFF

Getting candle wax on wood furniture can be a nightmare to get off (again with the scratching!!!).  The best way to remove it is to heat it back up.  Blow medium heat on the wax until it starts to melt then wipe away with a cloth.

Add Gloss to Cake Frosting

Give your baked good a professional looking gloss.  Turn your dryer on low heat and slowly blow it over the entire cake.

Dry Clothing

Quickly dry spots of water you spilled on your clothes.  First REMOVE THE ARTICLE OF CLOTHING — you don’t want any burns on your skin! Hang it over a shower rod and dry.

Dry Steam Off of Mirror

It’s frustrating to lose mirror access after a steamy shower!  Dry that steam off with a quick blast of hot air from your hair dryer.  Now you can just leave the blow dryer on and continue drying your hair :)

Remove Dust

Use a hair dryer to remove dust from hard to get to nooks and crannies in your house.  Use this trick on carved wood work, art work, artificial flowers, bookshelves, lamps, computers….you name it!

Hot Compress

Keep a hot compress hot by pointing your blow dryer at the towel and leaving it running while you are putting the compress on an injury.  Keep the towel wet by misting it w/ a spray bottle.

Remove Crayon Marks from Walls

Crayons are made out of wax, blow dryers remove wax, thus blow dryers remove crayons. Set the hair dryer on hot and keep it on the crayon mark until it melts.  The crayon will wipe off easily with a damp cloth and a small amount of oil soap cleanser.

Dry Wet Boots

This is a great trick to use in the winter!  Dry off your snowy boots with your blow dryer setting on high.  Be sure to do this over a towel so you don’t get water every where!

Thaw Windows

Another winter time use. If you forgot to put your storm windows down in time for the first snow and your windows freeze shut thaw your window with a blast from your hair dryer.

Dry Painted Nails

I love painting my nails, but I have so much trouble waiting for my nails to air dry.  A tip for quick drying your painted nails: blow dry them!  Not too high of a setting, just a little hot air to speed the process up.

Defrosting Food

I have had bags of peas freeze to the side of my freezer.  Its super frustrating and I hate having to chip away at ice mounds with my hands.  Make this process easier by melting the ice with a blow dryer.
If you have a helpful tip that uses a common household product, share it in the comments below!

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