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TSG’s Tips – Tasks

Posted by on Mon, September 10th, 2012 at 6:00 am

TSG is here with tips to help bring you the most rewarding Swagbucks experience possible.  When’s the last time you visited Swagbucks Tasks?  For our more green Swaggernauts who may not be familiar with this rewarding opportunity, Swagbucks Tasks require you to research specific topics on the internet and answer questions, while earning Swag Bucks along the way.  When you visit Swagbucks Tasks you’ll see the list of available tasks, each with a brief description, a corresponding Swag Buck payout PER PAGE completed, and how many of that specific task are still available to be completed.

There is a chance that by the time you click on a task, it has already reached it’s maximum number of completions.  If this is the case, simply return to the Tasks page and select a different task.

Upon clicking on a task, you will be entered into Training Mode, which is designed to get you comfortable with the job you’ll be doing, and ensure that you’re able to do it accurately before you begin.  Veracity is EXTREMELY important to the companies running the tasks, and they’ll often tell you the accuracy level you’ll need to maintain in order to complete a task and earn credit.

Once you complete the training mode, you’re ready to roll!  On the top left corner of the task page you will see a progress bar.  This can be considered your piggy bank.  Each task has its own piggy bank parameters.  Click on this progress bar to determine the guidelines that correspond with that specific task:

Please note that you will not earn credit for tasks until you fill your piggy bank.  Each Task has a different payout so you may need to complete multiple tasks to reach the point of payout.  Once you reach 20 Swag Bucks earned through Tasks these get transferred to your Swag Bucks account.  Your piggy bank will increase as you complete pages of a task.  You can even jump around from task to task and your status bar will maintain its balance.  As soon as you earn at least 20 Swag Bucks, your account will be credited.

Oh if only I could be rewarded for the tasks I complete every day, but something tells me that nobody is going to compensate me for doing my own laundry.  Any takers?




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