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Scotty’s Summer Flick Pick

Posted by on Tue, June 11th, 2013 at 12:00 pm
Hey Swag Nation!  I know it seems like it’s been nearly 4 months since my last post – and for good reason…I just started working at Swagbucks in February!  Around the Swagbucks office, I’m known as Scotty K and it’s nice to meet YOU!

Well, Summer is finally here and if you’re like me, you’ll be outside every chance you can get.  For me, it’s working on my golf game, trying to avoid getting sunburned at the beach or just going for a relaxing hike.

But what happens when the weather doesn’t cooperate?  Your instinct might be to whine and pout – and while I endorse that 100% – it won’t solve your problem of what to do.

I find that rainy Summer days are perfect for catching a funny movie.  One movie I’m really pumped to see this Summer is This Is the End.  It stars a ton of my favorite funny people, like Jonah Hill, Danny McBride and Seth Rogen.  Not to mention, Emma Watson.

Check out the trailer from SBTV and judge for yourself.  Then, scoop up a $10 Fandango e-Gift Card from the Rewards Store and go see it!
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You can thank me later….if the Earth still exists…

Is this flick on your Must See List for the Summer?  If not, what are you planning to see this Summer?

– Scotty K

Les Swagbucks Trailer

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It’s Almost Birthday Time!

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TV On The Go

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Have you downloaded the new SBTV Android app?  If not, this is another great way for you to earn Swag Bucks, as well as reap all of the benefits of Swagbucks TV.  If you’ve already downloaded it, you’ll want to update it to the new and improved v1.2 version.  This better than ever app is […]

This Week’s Summer Movies

Posted by on Fri, August 26th, 2011 at 12:00 pm

TSG has some awesome Summer Movies to preview for you, so let’s get right down to business, shall we? First is Our Idiot Brother which looks pretty hysterical, especially because of how much I love Paul Rudd: This next movie looks pretty intense.  It’s Colombiana starring the lovely Zoe Saldana: The crime drama, Brighton Rock, […]