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Want a Swidget on Your FB Profile Permanently?

Posted by on Wed, December 2nd, 2009 at 3:20 pm

Swagbucks has some pro users. Through some nifty Facebook applications and a few steps, you can have the Swagbucks Widget on your Facebook profile PERMANENTLY. Or, as long as you choose to keep it there. The point being, you won’t have to keep putting your Widget on your wall and having it get bumped down by everything that comes after.

Big thanks to Turia E. of Murfreesboro, TN for creating the Facebook discussion where TSG spotted this nifty trick. Turia got 10 Swag Bucks for that contribution. So thanks again, Turia!

Here are all the steps taken verbatim from the discussion:

Ok, first you need a Swidget. If you don’t already have it, go here.

Click the big button that says “Grab it now”
Click on the facebook icon on the box that opens
Click on the green button that says “Add Widget”
A new webpage will open.
Click the Share button at the bottom to post it to your FB wall
Once you have done that, go to your FB profile and you will see the swidget post

{If you were to click on the play button your swidget will appear but the wall post is temporary as it will be pushed down the page as new posts are made.
To have a permanent way to access the Swidget from your FB profile, do this:}

Instead of clicking play to see the swidget, click on the blue words “Swidget 1.0”
This will open a new browser window with the swidget on it
While that page is open, go to the address bar and copy the url for the swidget to your clipboard.
Now, go back to your FB profile.
In the FB search box, type “Extended Info” and hit the search icon (magnifying glass).
Click the second one down called “More Extended Info.”
Click on the button that says “go to application
Click on “insert new field”
Choose “regular”
Type the word “Swidget” into the smaller box to the left
In the larger box, paste the url you copied for the swidget
Now click “save changes” (note the page will not change or close but they will be saved)
Now go to the top of the page and hover over the word “settings” until you see a drop down list.
Click on “More Extended Info Settings”
Where it says “box” click “add”
Where it says “tab” click “add”
Then click “okay”
Click on “Profile” at the top to return to your FB Profile page
Go to your “boxes” tab you will see a box with the information you just typed (the url for the swidget)
Click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner of that box and select “move to wall tab”
Now click on the “wall” tab

On the left side of your profile page you will now see the url for the swidget. Any time you want to see your swidget, just go to your profile page and click the url and it will open a new browser page with your swidget.

Huge, absolutely huge. Thanks again and if you have any awesome tricks like this…make a YouTube tutorial, give the instructions in a Facebook discussion or send it to The Swag Guy!

This will allow you to do even less to know that there’s a code out, browse the Swag Store, see the blog and more.



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