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Two Days of Poker with mihir7, Two Shots at 200 Swag Bucks or More

Posted by on Sat, January 25th, 2014 at 8:00 am

Happy Weekend, Swag Nation!

Welcome, everyone. It was a lot fun reading your stories about life on the job and career aspirations on Wednesday. I can definitely say that I did not expect we’d be talking about food so much, but who doesn’t like food? Hopefully, BaronessVonSwag will make an appearance this weekend and share the exciting conclusion to her mashed potatoes story.

This weekend, we have a new Swaggernaut host and a new Swaggernaut challenge.

Swag Name: mihir7

Location: New Jersey, USA

Length of SB Membership: since June 2009 (4 years, 7 months) wow

Favorite Way to Earn: love earning Swag Bucks by searching and completing special offers

Challenge Game: Jolly Poker

Challenge Score:12,0003,000

Challenge Tip: (we’re on our own)

Optional Something Fun About Me: This game has been one of my favorites and would love to play it for a chance to earn more Swag Bucks.

That’s quite a lengthy membership you’ve had! Thanks for sticking with us. You’ve seen the site go through many changes. Any thoughts, stories, or reflections on what it’s been like to be a member for so long?

So what’s this Weekend’s Game Challenge? Get a score equal to or higher than 3,000 in Jolly Poker and post a link to a screenshot of your challenge-meeting score in the comments for this blog post. Alternatively, you can take a screenshot of a tournament entry from this weekend with any score on any game. For each of these correctly filled out posts, you will have one entry in a raffle to win 200 Swag Bucks. You may enter as many times as you like with new screenshots of different challenge-meeting scores. One winner will be selected at random from each day of entries and announced in this blog post and on Twitter on Monday. That means, if you enter on Saturday, you can come back Sunday to enter again and be part of a new raffle. If you need an image hosting service, I recommend The link you want is the URL.

You can also participate via Twitter by tweeting your screenshot @Swagbucks along with your Swag Name and the hashtag #sbgames. You may place each entry both on Twitter and in the comments, but if you win from an entry placed on Twitter, you will win an additional 100 Swag Bucks.

I know not everyone is a poker star so not only have I reduced the challenge score significantly, but on Sunday, you may enter with any score on Jolly Poker or any of the games featuring a Ten Winner Tournament so long as your entry includes what game you played and what score you got. That means that while Saturday is limited to just scores over 2,995 on Jolly Poker, Sunday, you can enter with any score on Jolly Poker, Regate 21, Mahjongg Dimensions, Fyoozd, or Fish Munch.


If you are able to top mihir7’s actual challenge score of 12,000, your entry shows a tournament entry from this weekend, your entry is in reply to someone else’s and you’ve managed to top their score, or you include a comment about what food you could eat a whole bowl of in 10 minutes, and you are one of this weekend’s lucky winners, you will receive an additional 50 SB.

Good luck. Have fun. Have a food-filled weekend!

Update: This weekend’s winners are msgbrown, Smoothr, & Bella81! Congratulations! New Challenge Wednesday!

Thought we could still have three winners this weekend. After reading all your comments, I feel full!

Don’t forget: You can still earn yourself 100 swag Bucks by submitting a  game challenge of your own!

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