Announcing In-Store Cash Back!

With the introduction of several new features and earning opportunities, 2019 has been a hallmark year for Swagbucks.

Back in February, we announced the Member Recognition Program and launched it to full release in April. Over the summer, we rolled-out In-Store Deals where members earn SB for purchasing specific grocery items and consumer packaged goods. Following that, Swagbucks let members, in Level 6- 10 of the Recognition Program, #skipthewait and have their shopping SB “quick credit”. And, just last week, we released the Member Public Profile Page as a first step toward allowing members to connect with one another.\

Today, we are excited to announce the release of Swagbucks In-Store Cash Back.

There are currently 40+ stores, many of them with locations nationwide, where Swagbucks members can earn SB when they shop in-store and pay for their purchases with a credit or debit card linked to their Swagbucks account.

In-Store Cash Back builds on SB Local Deals, which awards SB to members who pay with linked credit cards when dining or shopping at participating venues.

Here’s how to use In-Store Cash Back Shopping.

  1. Link one or more credit or debit cards with Swagbucks. Members who’ve already linked a card for SB Local will need to link that or another card to this new In-Store Cash Back program. Members can link cards from the Linked Cards Settings Page or as they add a deal from the In-Store Cash Back Page
  2. Simply click ‘Add Offer on any of the stores where you might want to shop. The offer added will remain active for 45 days or until you’ve made an in-store purchase at that store. Once you shop at that store, simply add the offer again to receive SB the next time you shop there.
  3. Pay with the linked card at the store whose offer you added. SB from that purchase will typically credit to your account within 4 business days, provided you do not return the items purchased.
Swagbucks Launches In-Store Cash Back

It’s that easy and that rewarding!

Swagbucks In-Store Cash Back aligns with our mission to create rewarding moments for members. Going into the holiday season, we are committed to helping members earn and save money. 

We look forward to trying In-Store Cash Back and hearing your feedback about this new feature.