DIY Of The Week: Two Toned Painted Pots

Since most of us are practicing “self-isolation” right now, you’re probably like us and looking for things to do around the house to pass the time. What better time than to get creative and spruce up your plant pots? We found a great tutorial on decoist. You might already have these items lying around your house or can order supplies from places like Home Depot or Michaels.


  • terra-cotta pots in the sizes of your choice
  • paint in two shades (I used leftover wall paint)
  • foam brushes
  • painter’s tape
  • plants (succulents work well for this project)
  • potting soil
  • a drop cloth or spare paper to cover your work surface


  1. Paint your pots the lighter of the two shades.
  2. Use painter’s tape to create the design of your choice.
  3. Remove the painter’s tape and touch up your newly painted pots.
  4. Add the plants.

See full tutorial here.