Swago: 13th Birthday Edition

It’s our 13th birthday this week and we’re celebrating with a special Birthday themed Swago board that has our BIGGEST BONUS EVER1,300 SB and we are bringing back our SPIN & WIN wheel!

Swago is just like BINGO, only better and we think, more rewarding. Instead of waiting for us to call out the next Number, you place your “chips” where you want them to go.

Each Square of your Swago Board is filled with different activities from Swagbucks. Once you complete the requirements of a particular activity the corresponding square will change colors, signifying it’s been completed!

Once you complete a pattern you can choose to submit your board for the bonus SB associated with that pattern or work your way towards completing your full board and taking home an extra 1,300 SB!

Keep in mind, you can only submit your board one time. So make sure you’ve maxed out your earning potential before you click that submit button.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into all the details of our next Swago board! This is a special one because it is dedicated to our 13th birthday!

The next Swago Board starts at 8am PT/11am ET on Monday, February 22nd. You’ll have until 11:59 PM PT on Monday, March 1st to submit your board. You can pre-register today.

Here’s everything you can expect to find on this our Birthday Spin & Win wheel:

For those that are not familiar with our Spin & Win Wheel: Submitting a board pattern and completing certain squares will give you anywhere from 1-60 spins on our Spin & Win Wheel! You will have until 11:59pm PT on Tuesday, March 2nd to use your spins.

Here is what will be on our Spin & Win wheel:

2 SB and 13 SB Bonus

Land on one of these slices and you’ll receive either 2 SB or 13 SB instantly! 

Free Swagstakes Entry

Instantly get 1 FREE entry into our 300,000 SB Giveaway when you land on this square. 

Double SB Bonus on your next survey

Receive Double the SB amount on your next desktop/mobile Gold Survey. You will have 2 days to use this from the day you receive it.

Complete a Survey 25 SB Bonus

Complete any desktop/mobile Gold Survey and receive a 25 SB bonus! You will have 2 days to use this from the day you receive it.

Upload Any Receipt 5 SB Bonus

Upload any receipt on the SB Answer App and receive a 5 SB bonus. You will have 3 days to use this.

Free Swagbucks LIVE Rejoin

Get a FREE Swagbucks LIVE rejoin! You have 30 days to use your Free Rejoin from the time it was issued to your account.

2,500 SB Bonus

Land on this EXTRA SPECIAL slice and you’ll instantly win 2,500 SB!

Gift Card Discount 50 SB

Get a 50 SB discount on your next gift card redemption. You will have 2 days to use this.

In-store Deal Receipt 50 SB Bonus

Upload any Magic Receipts in-store deal to our Shoply App and receive a 50 SB bonus. You will have 3 days to use this.

200 SB Bonus on $25 MyGiftCardsPlus Purchase

Get a 200 SB bonus when you purchase your next gift card of $25 or more from MyGIftCardsPlus. You will have 2 days to use this.

200 SB Rebate $25 Visa Gift Card

Get a 200 SB Rebate on your next $25 Visa Gift Card redemption. You will have 2 days to use this.

Interact with your fellow Swaggernauts and learn about tips & tricks to help you finish your Swago board in our Swago Forum!

Here are some helpful tips for completing your board:

  1. Submitting Your Board: You have until 11:59 PM PT on March 1st to complete your board. Use that time to complete as many squares as you can in order to maximize your bonus! You can only submit your board once, so make sure you’re ready.
  2. MyGiftCardsPlus: If you’re planning to complete the MyGiftCardsPlus square make sure you give yourself enough time to receive the SB from your purchase to mark this square as complete. The square is completed once you earn the SB from your purchase at MyGiftCardsPlus and NOT when you buy the card. The square will automatically be marked off when the SB credit to your account.
  3. SB Answer App Activity: This activity must be completed through the SB Answer App which can be downloaded here. If you complete a survey through the general SB App, it will NOT count for this board and therefore will not mark the square as complete.
  4. Swagbucks Live: If you haven’t played Swagbucks Live now’s the chance to do so! Download the app here and make sure you earn SB from playing at least one of the games that will air at the following times:

Monday – Thursday 5 pm PT/8 pm ET

Fridays – 12pm PT/3pm ET

There will be 6 chances to complete this square during the run of Swago. Friendly reminder… you don’t have to win the Swagbucks Live game, you only have to earn SB from answering a question that offers SB correctly.

If you have any questions about how the Swago Board works, put them in the comments below. You can pre-register for Swago today! The board goes live at 8am PT/11am ET Monday, February 22nd.

Happy Swagging!