Featured Blogger: My DFW Mommy

Here at Swagbucks, we have a lot of help spreading the word when there’s something to promote – our network of bloggers does a lot to help inform people about your favorite online rewards site. If you have a blog, you can submit to join our program by clicking the “Attention Bloggers” button on the lefthand side of the page. We have guest post for your today from MyDFWMommy, one of our blogging partners, here to tell you about her great site and how she uses Swagbucks:

For me Swagbucks is synonomous with super easy Christmas spending money. My name is Laura Thornquist and I’m the author of MyDFWMommy.com which is a savings website… all things local and national that saves you money, I even touch on home improvement deals and tons of retail deals. As a savings blogger, I’m all about finding great deals. Swagbucks is the best kept secret in the savings industry, well I guess it WAS a secret for awhile 🙂 I share information about Swagbucks weekly with my readers and often on my daily TV segment on WFAA as I really believe in the program.

People always ask me how much I earn. Everyone is different. It depends on how much you use Swagbucks. I earn at least two $50 Amazon Gift Card monthly, which I save to use for Christmas!I I can’t tell you how wonderful is is to know how much I have to spend for friends and family and all because I used Swagbucks…doing the same things I would do all the time such as search the internet, take surveys and take advantage of free trials. I’m on the computer 24/7 so using the Swagbucks search engine tool bar has become habit for me. Thank you Swagbucks for a great program and keep up the good work!

No – thank YOU, Laura, for being one of our bloggers!