DIY Of The Week: DIY Yarn Wrapped Slap Bracelets

This DIY Yarn Wrapped Slap Bracelets featured on Fun365 is a fun and low cost way to create fun accessories!



Different colored yarn
Silicone White Slap Bracelets
Glue Gun


  1. Choose a color of yarn to start with – we used a mix of primary yarn and neon yard make our bracelets. Begin by wrapping the yarn around one end of a white silicone slap bracelet. Leave about an inch of slap bracelet uncovered at the end and secure the yarn by first directing it downward and then wrapping the yarn around it to hold it in place. You can wrap two colors of yarn at the same time to create a cool effect.
  2. To add a new color of yarn, trim the first color with scissors leaving a few extra inches of yarn. Then tie the new color of yarn to the old color with a double knot. Position the knot so that it will be on the back side of the bracelet. Trim any excess yarn and continue wrapping the new color.
  3. Continue wrapping the yarn until you have about an inch left on the bracelet. Trim the yarn leaving a few extra inches and then thread the end of the yarn back through a couple rows of yarn on the back of the bracelet and tie with a double knot. You can add a small dab of hot glue to make it extra secure if you want. Trim any excess yarn.
  4. Test out your cool new slap bracelets. They still “slap” perfectly with the addition of the yarn!

See full tutorial here.