More ways to earn on Swagbucks Live

Swagbucks Live, our live trivia app  (available for iPhone and. Android), is becoming even more rewarding.

If you’re not familiar with Swagbucks Live, it’s a live, multiplayer trivia game show. Players get SB for answering trivia questions correctly and can win a piece of the grand prize if they get them all right.

Each weekday, we broadcast live games at 8pm ET/5pm PT Monday – Thursday and Fridays at 3pm ET/12pm PT. Simply tune in at the appointed time by launching the Swagbucks Live app and log in with your Swagbucks account credentials. Our game show host will ask a series of multiple-choice trivia questions with opportunities to earn bonus SB in addition to the Grand Prize. You’ll have 10 seconds to answer each one. Stick around to the end and claim your SB, if you get all the questions correct, your account will automatically be credited with your SB. 

For all of our Swagbucks Live veterans, we have some exciting news. Starting today you can now earn even more from the Swagbucks Live App. After the game is over we’ll present you with mobile-friendly offers. You can also access these mobile-friendly offers at any time by clicking “More Ways To Earn” on the home screen of the app. Now you can earn SB through Swagbucks LIVE even when the game isn’t on!