Tuesday Tips: Enable Web Push Notifications

Enable Web Push Notifications from Swagbucks to earn an easy 5 SB plus never miss out on exclusive deals and earning opportunities!

Haven’t heard of Web Push Notifications yet? Well, Web Push Notifications alerts you on your desktop or your mobile phone when exclusive deals are happening on Swagbucks such as Swago Boards starting, Team Challenges, and so much more.

It’s easy to sign up, just follow the steps below:

  • Head over to swagbucks.com/web-push on your Chrome, Firefox, or Opera browser
  • If it’s your first time visiting the page and you haven’t disabled pop-up blockers you should see a notification window like the one below. Just click “allow,” and that’s it!

If you’ve disabled pop-ups on your browser or just don’t see the notification window, that’s okay! Just simply click on the lock icon and select allow from the dropdown list next to notifications. This will enable web push notifications.

We also have great news for our mobile users. You can sign up for Web Push Notifications on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera on your mobile device as well!

Just visit swagbucks.com/web-push on one of the three supported browsers from your mobile device and enable the Web Push through the notification window.


When will I receive the 5 SB Bonus

You will instantly receive 5 SB the first time you allow Web Push Notifications. This is a one time credit. If you turn off and back on web push notifications you will not be credited a second time with 5 SB.

If you have any questions about Web Push Notifications put them in the comments below!

~ Team Swagbucks