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Little Extra Stories: Muriel’s Bikes

Posted by on Mon, November 30th, 2015 at 1:50 pm

Muriel (Swag name mawebb30) from St. Louis, MO first learned of Swagbucks a few months ago while searching ways to make extra money for the holidays. Her favorite way to earn SB is through surveys because they are interesting and fun.

Muriel has two children and could use a little extra to purchase special gifts for the holidays. Her two children have done very well in school and their activities and she would love to reward them with new bikes, helmets and knee pads. Muriel’s two children have been riding on the same bikes for almost 3 years and have since outgrown them.

“I feel bad when I see them riding around our neighborhood but bikes can be very expensive and are not really in our family’s budget this year. I would really love to surprise them on Christmas morning when they come downstairs that morning! On the looks on their faces would be precious!”

Muriel, believe it or not I just learned how to ride a bike and I am too saving up my SB to buy a bike myself! This goes to show you you’re never too old to learn new tricks, whether it be riding a bicycle or learning how to earn free holiday gifts for the everyday things you do online. I hope this extra 1,000 SB for sharing your story will help with the little extras for your children’s new bicycles. I just know they are going to love their new bikes!

What could you do (or did you do) with a little extra?

Send your story to and include your

1. Name,
2. Swag Name,
3. Where your from: city/state
4. How you first came to Swagbucks
5. Your favorite ways of earning SB
6. A photo.

Members who get their stories published receive 1,000 SB. Plus your referral link will be used whenever Swagbucks is mentioned in the post!

If you would like to nominate another member to be featured on A Little Extra Stories, please create a video and either post it on Twitter (make sure to include @swagbucks and #SBgoodpeople in your message), post it on our Facebook wall or send a link (or it) via email to Send us an email to let us know no matter what. If we choose that story, the person you nominate will get 1,000 SB and you will get 500 SB :-)

If we didn’t tell yours this week, it doesn’t mean we won’t tell it in the future. There are so many great stories to share. We look forward to hearing yours.

-Team Swagbucks


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