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Smart Reward Challenge Thingy Week 3B: 2500 SB Grand Prize for Headlines!

Posted by on Thu, March 26th, 2015 at 7:00 am

Smart Rewards Challenge Thingy Week 3B

The results from last weeks sarcastic over the top credit card reviews proves it. You guys, with your fancy computers, are nuts. And by “guys” we mean BattyJanice.

We will get to your favorite color in the alphabet in the skip of something that skips fast. But we have kept you waiting for far too long. Has it been two days already? Geesh!

This Week’s Contest (with a grand prize of 2,500 SB!):

Here is what you have to do:


1. Click the below “Swagbucks Search News Headline” button.

Search News Headlines Button



2. Take any two or more headlines from anywhere on the page and combine them in multiple ways to make a funnier headline.

3. Enter your new title in the comments below.

4. If you need to get more headlines click the “Yahoo News Latest Headlines” link at the top of the page and get more headlines from anywhere on their site (but only one headline can come from the Odd News section).

5. You can do all sorts of “cutting and pasting”: take out words, leave out words and move words around. Just don’t spl/it words.

6. If you feel the urge, add a short byline telling readers what your article is about.

7. Please include the original headlines after your entry.

8. Scream Yahoo! At the top of your lungs (or, if you are in a library or something, at the top of your brains). Don’t worry. We’ll hear ya.



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