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Swaganigans: Name This Blog. Plus Two Chances to Win 4000 SB and Ride a Luck Dragon

Posted by on Thu, July 2nd, 2015 at 7:50 am


At 2:00 PST, @Swaggadore will take over the @Swagbucks twitter account for a 45 min “Ask Me Anything” session in which, at the very least, most of EvilScotsmans questions will be addressed.

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Names, Names, Names, Names, Names. Last week, we announced that we are changing the name of this little contest from “The Smart Rewards Challenge Thingy” to “Swaganigans.” And everyone was really really nice about it. Congrats ladies, gents and others! Because you were all so nice, you can now accept challenges involving the naming of bigger and better things.

This Week’s Swaganigan Challenge 

In case you have not yet guessed it, this week’s Swaganigans Contest is to give the official blog of Swagbucks a new name. 

In the comments below, write down either your most serious or witty attempt at a name, along with a brief explanation about why you like it… the key word their being “brief,” ok Batty?  But don’t tell us which is which, satirical or serious. It will be more fun that way. Like a giant week long game of Balderdash.

Extra SB for not using the word “SWAG” or “BUCKS.”


First-prize winner gets a 4000 SB plus the honor of having their blog name used as a Swag Code. The submission with the most likes will also win 4000 SB. Provided that both entries are of a serious naming convention (and not chosen for being witty or satirical) we will face them off in a daily poll, perhaps amongst other name ideas, perhaps not. If either winners name gets chosen as the new name then, and only then, do they get to ride a Swagbucks luck dragon and chase down their enemies into a dumpster. Other runners-up receive 1000 SB. Members that get posted are immediately given entry into a select group club of “posters,” all of whom are competing for the coveted Poster of the Year (member who gets posted the most). Is anyone keeping track?


Winners will either be be selected on the basis of  humor, wit, wisdom and originality or on clever serious name choices and originality.  Write your entries in the comments below. 11 entries max. Please include your Swagname, city & state at the end of each entry. Entries must be posted on or before Sunday, July 5t at 11:59pm (in whatever time zone you happen to be in). Judges reserve the right to alter entries for taste, humor or appropriateness. No purchase necessary. Employees of Prodege LLC and members of their immediate families are not eligible for prizes.

For information click here.

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @Swaggodore for lots of fun announcements, spontaneous #popSwaganigans as well as other cool ways to earn extra cash around the web just for being creative.

Speaking of which, the winner of the #howtokeepyourgirhappy pop swaganigan is @HEIDIPIZARRO for:”I am a happy girl. Thanks! Congrats! You won 100 SB. DM your SwagName on Twitter and we will get it to you ASAP. Oh, and if your not a Swagbucks member yet. Sign up here.

Now it’s time to take a look back at last weeks Swaganigans.


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