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Swaganigans: Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by on Thu, November 26th, 2015 at 6:50 am

Hey guys, it’s Thanksgiving! Professor Jockey and his horse Correct Answer as well as Lady Elocin de Vieux Carre are coming over for Thanksgiving dinner tonight so unfortunately I will not be spending Thanksgiving with family and friends. Bunch of freeloaders…

There will be no Swaganigans this week due to the holiday but we will come back next week with another great challenge for your to show off your humorous cleverness and intellectual horsepower.

Now it’s time to hand things over to the esteemed Prof Jockey to round up last week’s best sellers.


Last week we asked you to create new best sellers:

Second Place Winner of 1500 SB

The Boys in the Boat Written by: Daniel James Brown becomes The Boys in the Boat Shoes – Documentary on male models who’ve suffered the humiliation of being photographed in just-above-the-ankle length pants while wearing boat shoes without socks. Fifty percent of all proceeds from this audiobook’s sale goes to help pay for psychological therapy for these unfortunate young men and the fashion victims they influenced. (Lilly, Boise, ID)

Grand Prize Winner of 2500 SB

“The Man In The High Castle” becomes “The Man In The White Castle” – After unknowingly toking on a laced joint, Harold Lee and Kumar Patel believe themselves to be in an alternate past where America lost the Second World War and Neil Patrick Harris is the new German Fuhrer. A rollicking laugh-out-loud rollercoaster of death squads, slavery, and those tasty little sliders (TheSwaggyNoob, Springfield, VA)

Runners Up (1000 SB each)

“The Missing Model” by Lettice Galbraith becomes “The Missing Model Number” – The story of a man who desperately wants to register the warranty he purchased on his new TV but can’t find the model number, and his endless search to locate it. It’s got to be on there somewhere! Or does it…… (a mystery novel) (NMM1224, Fairhaven, MA)

“Game of Thrones” by George RR Martin becomes “Game of Porcelain Thrones” in which the 7 kingdoms each try to win the war by sending their neighbors gifts of wine spiked with laxatives. (Kendrlynne, Tooele, UT)

Fifty Shades of Earl Grey, a steamy romance novel about a naive young woman who falls in love with a connoisseur of fine English teas. originally titled Fifty Shades of Grey (Emily, Lapeer, MI)

Honorable Mentions (10 SB each)

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn becomes Gone Swag Girl – The unauthorized autobiography of The Swag Gal and her daring escape from a kidnapping, murderous sword swallower while working in the circus before landing in California where she found fame and fortune, anonymously to protect her identity, at Swagbucks! (loftyveg, Kansas City, MO)

“Who’s the Real Man” by Avery Bond becomes, “Who’s the Real He-Man”. In this biography, He-Man reveals he’s not actually a prince but a Richard Simmon’s exercise instructor. After intense “jazz-hand” filled workouts, he’d be exhausted, which induced underwear-on-the-outside hallucinations. Skeletor was actually just a bad-tempered co-worker with a high metabolism. (tianwes, Macon, GA)

“Great Speeches by the Presidents of the United States” by SpeechWorks becomes “Great Breeches of the Presidents of the United States” Who really wore the pants in the First family? (MsLuvlyLoches, Sacramento, CA)

Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith becomes Career of Dr. Evil – One evil entrepreneur had the courage to follow his dreams, even in the face of groovy adversity. (windshookrain, Bridgton, ME)

The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks becomes The Longest Car Ride – A true story about carpooling with one coworker who spends the entire time telling everyone how the planning for her cat’s wedding is going (Beth0081, Republic, MO)


Follow @Swaggodore and @ProfessorJockey on Twitter and tweet at them. We’re not paying them to sit around and do nothing. In fact, we don’t pay them at all!  Now go challenge yourself!

-Professor Jockey and his horse Correct Answer

-Lady Elocin de Vieux Carre
Picture of the Swaggodore

– The Swaggodore

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