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Introducing the “New Watch”

We have some exciting news regarding Watch… Starting this afternoon, August 30th we’re revamping the Watch Channel and improving your overall experience of discovering new and exciting content around the web.  

With the new Swagbucks Watch experience not only will you be able to discover new content in a new way but, you’ll still be able to enjoy all your favorite Swagbucks activities such as:


  • nCrave
  • Swag TV (Formally known as Watch Playlists)
  • Sponsored Videos


Check out your new Watch navigation below:

That’s not all, going forward you’ll rate content from around the web in a guided experience. Rating each placement you engage with will not only allow us to better serve you with content you enjoy it will also move you forward in your playlist. Here’s a sneak peak: 


With this product release, we’re also changing the activities in the To-Do List. We’re removing “Daily Crave” and replacing it with a SwagButton Activity (check out our blog post for more information).  To complete the Daily Watch activity in the To-Do List, simply earn SB from any of Watch, nCrave, or Swag TV. Please note, Sponsored Videos will not count towards your Daily Watch To-Do List.

With these changes comes updates to your Watch ledger. We’ll now consolidate nCrave, Watch, and Sponsored videos under the main category of Watch while SwagTV will have its own distinction in your ledger. See below…

Additionally, we are making some improvements to our mobile video apps and wanted to inform you of those changes in advance. First off, earning on these apps will remain unlimited for qualifying members. How do you qualify?

Well, our partners show you ads. The more ads you see or interact with, the more SB we are able to award. Starting on September 4, 2018 we will begin to fluctuate the number of SB you need to earn on each app to determine if you qualify for unlimited SB that day. If you qualify, you’ll continue to earning on the app. If you don’t, you’ll still earn the guaranteed amount for that day. Every day is different. We strive to create the most rewarding experience possible and we’re committed to delivering more value to you, our members!


We are excited about the new and improved Watch experience and we look forward to hearing your feedback once you have the chance to try it.

Happy Swagging!